About me

O'Plérou Grebet
© Lafalaise Dion

My name is O’Plérou and I am an ivorian artist and graphic designer (:

I am constantly making and feeding art and design projects/concepts and I want to share them.

One of the terms that I use to define me is  multipotentialite  : someone with many interests and creative pursuits.

My interests currently revolve about human being : psychology, anatomy, sociology… and they find a way through what I create.

Note: O’Plérou is my real first name and it means “First” in my mother tongue. 🙂

About the website

You’ll find here;

  • The result of my creative explorations (portraits,semi-figurative illustrations, songs and other creative projects)
  • Posts about art, creativity, graphic design
  • Posts about various subjects that touch me and could help you


Welcome !